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Head of Payment Services

Head of Payments Services

Context of the role

The Head of Payments Services role is a new role within our client, dedicated to the service provided to merchants that are processed on their payments platform. This is an exciting opportunity for an individual with an extensive operational background within tech-driven financial services businesses, and who is incredibly customer-centric in their approach.

As a hypergrowth technology company processing an increasing number of payments, this role is a key position in ensuring that customers are communicated with effectively and issues generated by new product releases or technical amendments to existing products or services are handled with the customer at the forefront.

This role has two key focus areas, firstly, you'll be responsible for monitoring the service our platform provides and you'll be pivotal in ensuring that the business proactively communicates with its customers when there is any change to our system uptime, whether that be through planned maintenance or incidents - you'll be at the helm, ensuring our customer service team are well equipped with customer friendly communications and updates. Its your role to put yourself in the customers shoes, think about what's important to them and what they need to know.

Secondly, you will manage our customer SLAs, internally and externally. It's your role, working together with our Sales and Legal team, to ensure that we carve out with our customers and internal teams the right SLAs and uphold them.

Key responsibilities

  • Monitor the payments service; Work together with the Technology teams to understand issues, performance challenges and respond to unpredicted behaviours such as: an increase failed transactions/ authorisation rates declining/ payments not being processed.
  • Provide timely, clear and effective customer communication on planned changes to the service, potential disruptions as well as unplanned/ unforeseen incidents.
  • Translate internal, technical, real-time communication into easily digestible material that's customer friendly, simple and effective for our internal Customer Service team to use for planned, and unplanned changes.
  • Work with the technology team to understand the roadmap of platform changes, potential risks of impact and proactively build, deliver and maintain a customer impacting communication schedule.
  • Establish and manage internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as well as, support the Sales and Legal teams in agreeing SLAs with merchants/ key customers throughout the value chain.