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Application Engineer Job Description

What is the role of an Application Engineer?

In your role as an Applications Engineer, you will develop, design, and maintain customised software applications for clients. You will work with software developers to design complex software programs and utilise the feedback from clients to produce and develop software applications. Additionally, you will be responsible for evaluating the needs of the business, design, and test software, and develop hardware components.


  • Responsible for planning, developing, and designing various software applications

  • Work with engineering, sales, and customer service teams to develop software

  • Collaborating with customers and designing applications with user wants and feedback in mind

  • Maintaining, installing, and testing applications, as well as writing code and scripts

  • Manage projects, tasks, and reporting when required

  • Use market trends to inspire new software ideas

  • Provide technical assistance to clients

  • Identify and provide solutions for challenging issues and problems

  • Mentor and lead a team of less experienced software developers and analysts

Tech Stack

  • Java

  • SQL

  • .Net

  • Python

  • C and C#

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  • A degree in computer science, information technology or similar degree

  • Previous experience as an Application Engineer or similar role

  • Detail oriented with a problem-solving mentality

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Great analytical skills

  • Thorough knowledge of software installation, optimisation, and maintenance

  • Prior sales or customer service experience is desirable