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Infrastructure and Cloud Services

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Omer Saadet
Senior Managing Consultant - Cloud Services
David Edwards
Managing Consultant - Infrastructure & Dev
Aran Martinson
Senior Consultant
Alistair McCord
Associate Consultant
Anna Friend
Consultant - Infrastructure and Services
Chris Blacketer
Senior Consultant - Infrastructure and Services
Chris Byrne
Consultant - IT Services (ITSM)
Daniel Greenwood
Consultant - Networks and Infrastructure
Daniella Hameed
Associate Consutlant
Emma Shirreffs
Associate Consultant - Capital Markets
Jack Moore
Consultant - DevOps
Jennifer Burry
Associate Consulltant
Lewis Cowell
Lucas Howman
Managing Consultant - Capital Markets
Oliver Hopping
Associate Consultant - Information Security
Michael Tymofijiw
Associate Consultant - Blockchain
Sacha Musgrove
Tom Callaghan
Capital Markets Consultant
Vic Williams
Associate Consultant
Jordan Rowe
Associate Consultant
Chester Allen
Associate Consutlant
Matthew Watson
Associate Consutlant
Katie Conner
Associate Consultant