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Understanding Kotlin Multiplatform in a Commercial Environment

Thursday, 18 March 2021 -

We are hosting London’s first Kotlin Multiplatform leadership event.

During this event we will be hearing three separate business cases:

Why KMM?

  • Write once, deploy anywhere… while retaining native performance?

  • Can we standardise business logic?

  • Maximum code reuse between platforms?

  • Lower risk than cross-platform alternatives?

The Journey

  • Understanding the environment, embracing Multiplatform.

  • Jetbrains commitment to KMM.

  • Cross team collaboration and developers leaving their comfort zone.


  • Where are we today?

  • Was it worth it?

  • How has KMM impacted your business and technology strategies?

Our panellists for the evening:

​Please contact Jacob Brown here for more information.