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The Product Leadership Forum

Friday, 6 March 2020 -

As a product leader, it’s easy to get caught up in the intricacies of your own business world and practices. Connecting with other leaders gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and challenge existing outlooks for a more efficient and profitable future.
To encourage this type of discussion, La Fosse are hosting an open forum for product leaders; a great opportunity to network with other like-minded people, share challenges and present ideas.
The event will cover topics such as the influence of founders, CEOs and board members in the development of a business; prioritising at all levels; and maintaining talent through creating psychological safety, among other initiatives.
Facilitated by:
Polly Howden - Chief Product Officer at OKR platform just3things and Product Director at Roleshare.
Polly is well-versed in what it takes to develop a successful digital product and bring it to market. Polly is also a founding member of LondonTechLadies, a group for women working in the technology space to make connections, develop soft skills, and empower each other.
This event is hosted by Rosie O’Donoghue

Rosie heads up the Digital Design and Product contracts team in London. She recruits for all levels from junior to Heads of across a wide range of industries including Ecommerce, FinTech and Media. Rosie is an active member of the UX and Product community frequently attending meet-ups and events, as well as hosting her own, which have included thought leadership round tables and large networking panel events.