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The DevOps Leadership Forum - DataOps #1

Thursday, 13 June 2019 -

This is the first in a new series of events, DevOps Leadership Forum.

Data has become an asset on which many companies build their value, and the conversation has shifted from building data-gathering systems to the management of the data itself. The importance of data, the move to microservice architectures where the data is typically decentralised, new regulations driving different handling of personal and sensitive information, and the introduction of AI imposing traceability of training data has created a new Data Operations movement.

La Fosse held a session where industry experts came to exchange ideas, present their own challenges and hear the lessons learnt from others facing a similar journey. The event, hosted at The NED, showcased the example of Babylon Health.

This event was facilitated by Jean-Marie Ferdegue, Director of Platform Engineering at Babylon Health.


This event was hosted by Omer Saadet, who manages the Cloud Services contract division, covering Commerce and Industry with clients ranging from the FTSE100 to tech start-ups.

For more information about this event or our DevOps capability, get in touch with Omer at: