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Secret Leaders Live: Featuring Founders of Shazam & Blippar

13/03/2018 By Claudia Cohen

La Fosse are thrilled to be the official sponsor of Secret Leaders and their event that was held on 13th March for the launch of season 2 of the podcast.

Secret Leaders is one of the country's top business podcasts interviewing some of the most inspiring leaders and company builders in the country - and now, we are bringing them to you live to discuss their challenges and stories.

An intimate and exclusive live chat with two of the most pioneering company founders in the UK, Dhiraj Mukherjee, the founder of Shazam, and Jessica Butcher, the founder of Blippar.

The discussion followed a similar format to the podcast, where we got into the nitty gritty of how they succeeded where so many others failed.

  • Ever wondered how do you create a product that can track any song you hear on earth, and tell you what it is in record time, at a time when mobile first came out, and the internet was a new technological opportunity?
  • Or how to create a product that can recognise any image in the world through a phone's camera, and augment that image for both advertising/creative needs, and, indeed, educational opportunities to help solve literacy?

Your entry ticket included your first drink on us! (Peroni/red or white wine/soft drink) to loosen you up and get you dutch courage ready for Q & A!

Location: The Curtain Hotel, Private Members Entrance, EC2A 3PT

Time: 18:30-22:00


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