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Secret Leaders: Entrepreneurship And Mental Health

Monday, 7 October 2019 -

​La Fosse Associates are delighted to partner with Secret Leaders for their season 3 live events.

Secret Leaders returned with a bang from Jo Malone OBE - Perfumier Extraordinaire & Founder of Jo Loves, and Justine Roberts - Network and Community Expert and Founder of Mumsnet.

For the 4th of the season 3 live event, they hosted their next event Entrepreneurship And Mental Health. The emotional rollercoaster of this unique lifestyle and career choice sadly takes it's toll with instances of mental health occurrences higher than almost every other career choice - over 55% of business owners are cited to
report a mental health disorder in the last year. Speaking up about your experience with it can be hard work - but on Secret Leaders, we focus heavily on brutal honesty and authenticity - which is why we are honoured to bring the refreshing honesty of the lifestyle choice to the stage in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Day.

Hosted by Dan Murray and Produced by Rich Martell - Secret Leaders bring out the untold stories from the best and biggest names in leadership to educate, delight and inspire. With over 1 million downloads - Secret Leaders is your go-to Podcast to learn from the best.

Secret Leaders is a leading UK podcast, hosted by tech entrepreneurs Dan Murray and Richard Martell. They returned for season two following a hugely successful first series as one of the top Business Podcasts in the UK, exploring the stories & lives of the best leaders in Europe.

The first event (watch the highlights here) featured the founders of Shazam & Blippar who shared their insights into building world-class businesses.

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