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NED Network #2 with Browne Jacobson

26/10/2018 By Louis Rado

La Fosse was delighted to host its second Non-Executive Network, bringing together seven innovative tech start-ups and Non-Executive Directors for an evening of lightning pitches. 

The Non-Executive Directors in attendance observed seven five-minute lightning pitches from start-ups:

The NewFinance PlatformEddie George, Founder.
The NewFinance Platform is a business networking Platform for the global FinTech community, designed to use the latest Technology including Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Chatbots, VR, AI, Big Data, and KYC/KYB.

MoneycadoOliver Mitchell, Founder.
Moneycado is a goals-based savings application for travel which gamifies the saving experience, working with travel operators to provide relevant offers and rewards to users as they save.

Hastee PayJames Herbert, Founder.
Hastee Pay is an award-winning employee-benefit which empowers employees to receive their earned pay immediately via our mobile app, increasing their choice and financial wellbeing.

BABB - Leonard Seelig, MD.
BABB is a blockchain-based bank, aiming to build a global decentralised bank that connects people and businesses around the world so that they can securely complete financial transactions directly with each other.

DinghyBen Wilks, Founder.
Dinghy provides on-demand insurance to freelancers, the fastest-growing workforce in the world, to cover their business and them.

Coconut Sam O’Connor, CEO.
Coconut is a current account that takes care of accounting and tax for freelancers, self-employed people and small business owners.

LakaPenny Penati, Operations Lead.
Laka is a new business model for insurance. Customers with similar risks are grouped together and only pay when claims are made.

A massive thank you to all our guests, speakers and hosts. Find a video of the last NED Network here.

"'La Fosse's Non-Executive Network was a refreshing shake-up in the normal events calendar, with an innovative format that really kept the crowd engaged. It's great to have a meet-up which stimulates new, interesting conversations each time, and I look forward to seeing what the team have planned for the next one!"
Non-Executive Director, Prudential  

For more information about this event, or to learn about our Non-Executive capabilities, contact Louis Rado at or call on 02079322521. 





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