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London CRM Meetup

28/09/2017 By Jack Holmes

The Largest CRM Meetup Group in London

Do you spend your days working behind the scenes of CRM? Then this is the Meetup group for you! It doesn't matter if you are a permanent employee, day rate contractor, working as a Programme Director or Junior Developer, we all have something in common and would love to hear your opinion!

There is a strong professional CRM community in London with no real recurring event to give everyone the opportunity to meet. This group aims to serve the needs of all CRM professionals in particular by providing a place to meet face-to-face, exchange some of the latest ideas and chat it all our over a few drinks/snacks with new friends.

Unlike the large corporate events that are run purely for the benefit of that particular CRM system (such as the Salesforce World Tour), this event aims to be unbiased and instead welcomes all different types of systems, topics, speakers and point of views surrounding CRM. We believe this approach will create a truly open and helpful forum that everyone should be able to take something away from.

This community is driven by its members for the benefit of its members.  So if you want to speak about projects you have worked on, want to host a meeting, tell people about blogs you have written or whatever it might be, then do send a message to to arrange

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Guests at the London CRM Meetup group

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