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IT Leaders’ Summit – CIO to CEO; An Increasing Trend?

15/08/2007 By Simon La Fosse

CIO to CEO; an Increasing Trend?

More CIOs are becoming CEOs than ever before, and many others are expanding their responsibilities outside of a pure technology remit. At an exciting new Thought Leadership event at the RAC Club in London at the beginning of the month, more than 80 leading CIOs discussed how CEOs think and behave differently from CIOs, and heard from three Chief Executives who have already made that move. 

The event, chaired and introduced by Simon La Fosse, founder of CIO Executive Recruitment firm, La Fosse Associates, was the first in a series of networking evenings being planned. La Fosse Associates invited a panel of Chief Executives who had already made the leap from technology to business management to share their thoughts on differences in the roles, and how they had arrived in their current positions.

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