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Is Agile Killing the Architect? - Panel Event (pt. 1)

30/05/2016 By James Lewis

Is Agile killing the Architect?

A timely question, because the role is 20 years old. But also a bit of a conundrum: opinions about the questionable value architects add to projects are strongly held and yet vacancies for architects are as abundant as ever. So what is it? Is architecture in the enterprise misunderstood or is it living on borrowed time?

La Fosse Associates brought some experts together to find out. About half the attendees were from an architecture background and half from engineering. Three speakers put forward their views, covering perspectives from architecture, engineering and agile coaching and six groups were formed to debate how their own architecture functions had either contributed to, or detracted from, value in: business outcomes, speed to market and enhancements. A vote was held on the fundamental question at the start of the session and again at the end.

A graphic which says, 'Is Agile Killing the Architect?'

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