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Engineering Leadership Forum: Leading in Lockdown

Tuesday, 16 June 2020 -

​What can we take away from the time we have spent working from home?

Leading our teams from home over this prolonged period has been a new experience for most of us. It’s required us to adapt and show flexibility as we try to limit the impact the current situation has on our people, their ability to succeed and the environments we’ve created to enable that success. After a number of weeks adjusting, we’re putting together an event for the leadership community to discuss what we’ve learned from the current

situation and the impact this is going to have on how we lead our teams going forward.


• Physical / Mental Wellbeing

• Managing disruption

• Productivity vs Burnout

• Future of remote working


Ben Flowers – Engineering Leader at BCGDV

This event if hosted by Will Rollings. Get in touch: