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Driving Digital Transformation within the Housing Sector

Thursday, 15 April 2021 -

La Fosse and One CONSULTING are joining to hold two virtual roundtable discussions.

Part 1: Taking Stock

It feels like the housing sector has been in a cycle of continual transformation for as long as we can remember. Emerging and evolving technologies mean the opportunities to re-think the way services are designed and delivered are continually changing, and the sector is taking advantage of this to deliver smarter, more efficient services to their customers. This also reflects increased customer demand and expectations for fully digitised processes, especially in today’s world!

So, what progress has been made so far? If we stop for breath at this point, what lessons can we take from our collective experiences to date and how can we use these to shape and refine the path ahead?

Part 2: Making it Stick

As much as transformation is often enabled by and designed around technology, getting buy-in across the business can be a key determinant of success or failure.

How do you shape and deliver successful transformation? What are the key things to take into account and how do you encourage and nudge changes in behaviour and ways of working? Most importantly, how do you sustain these changes – how do you make it stick?

Facilitated by: Cher Lewney – Transformation Consultant at One CONSULTING

Part 1: Thursday April 15th from 4pm
Part 2: Thursday April 22nd from 4pm

Please contact Amy McCabe for further information