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Driving Digital Transformation: La Fosse Event


What is Digital Transformation and how can it be successful?

At La Fosse Associates' Driving Digital Transformation roundtable, C suite execs and directors from the not-for-profit sector gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation - as well as decide just what the concept means.

Here are just some of the key takeaways from the event:

Start with the fundamentals

Digital transformation may be a popular concept with boards at the moment, who envision it as a way of using the latest tech to enable new services or introduce new channels for customer engagement.

But for a digital transformation to be successful, companies need to get the basics right first, rather than simply grabbing onto the latest trend or device. The groundwork for an effective digital transformation lies in analysing the culture, strategy, and processes that the organisation wants to achieve, and then making sure any technology change is focused on achieving that.

Digital transformation is a reflection of changes affecting the IT department

IT is no longer a discrete back-office unit within the organisation: it's now something that permeates almost all lines of business. Alongside that, the pace of change in consumer technology has caused individuals' expectations of how services are delivered – either as customers or employees – to dramatically increase. A good digital transformation needs to recognise these fundamental shifts, and embrace them.

Set your priorities

In any digital transformation, ambition is likely to outstrip capacity. Organisations need to make sure that all the heads of business involved in the change, or the board members, are jointly deciding what's possible within the available time and resources. That way, the objectives that are chosen will be those most beneficial to the organisation overall.

Consider the place of AI

Many in the not-for-profit sector are interested in seeing how artificial intelligence could become part of future digital transformations. AI could potentially be used to help simplify customer's lives - for example, by answering queries through chat bots, sparing customers the need to contact a call centre - as well as enabling 24/7 customer service. Beyond that, the future could also see AI used to better monitor and engage with those in need.

Be prepared for a clean-up

Digital transformations are often associated with the new - new systems, new channels, new technologies. But one of the key roles of digital transformation is also doing away with the old. While employees may be attached to legacy systems, a digital transformation programme needs to examine whether old tech, data and processes should really persist post-transformation.

Be upfront about failures and quick with successes

To keep the wind in the sails of a digital transformation, demonstrable wins early in the process can help build buy-in for the programme overall. Similarly, any big change project won't be without its failures: when they happen, talk about them openly and honestly.


Digital transformation is essentially about providing a better customer experience - in a time of greater, and new, customer expectations.

Key elements for success are good data; good infrastructure; good staff.

One other ingredient is time - leaders must give staff time to develop new products and services.

Guests sat at table in the Gherkin, at a La Fosse Event: Driving Digital Transformation

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