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Discovering UX in a Corporate World

19/09/2017 By Rosie O'Donoghue

La Fosse was delighted to host this networking and learning event in partnership with UX Crunch & NewsUK. The event was aimed at those looking to implement and utilise UX within large corporate entities.

Our industry leading speakers showed the power of placing UX at the centre of a wider digital transformation strategy. They focused on the UX professional’s role in this; what they can do to help their client or company create better products, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes. 

Joe Frost – Head of UX and Design at News UK
Leslie Fountain - Executive Director at Foolproof Agency
Jim Stevenson – CEO of Bletchley Group –  Innovator & Digital Strategist 

Here are their key takeaways:

Firstly, why is UX important? 
UX-led transformation is critical for business success, because UX is the voice of the customer, and companies need a strong customer focus to succeed. It is easy in high-tech businesses to focus on the technology rather than the ‘human in the room’. 

A core part of UX is remaining human centric and never losing sight of the customer journey throughout the process. 

Organisational culture: the Achilles heel of corporate UX
Fundamentally, changing the culture to one that values UX, placing it at the heart of digital strategy, is the biggest challenge in implementing UX in enterprise. Many won’t understand what UX is (often, it’s a brand-new department) and corporate silos aren’t the optimal environment for UX led transformation. 

With this in mind, our speakers had some advice for UX professionals regarding how they could influence organisational culture and create successful, UX-led transformation in enterprise. 

1. Create Internal Champions 

For any UX project to be successful, it needs buy in from the business. Having a senior ‘internal champion’ with C suite links will make a dramatic difference, since digital transformation is most effective when driven top down. 

Use data. To create UX champions, begin by explaining to key stakeholders the processes you are putting in place, and make a compelling argument, using data, as to how UX will achieve their business goals. 

Start small, test, prove it works, improve and retest. Regular meetings between UX and other departments can help accelerate projects, as key stakeholders are more likely to be bought in. UX is a process: you have to take people on the journey. 

2. Encourage Collaboration

Traditional corporate structures don’t support UX-led digital transformation. 

Restructure may be necessary. Create multidisciplinary agile teams centred around products rather than departmental function, and focused on ‘products’ rather than ‘projects’ (which have an end-date). 

Product owners are typically used to overseeing governance of digital products over their life-cycle. It is essential to define the scope of the UX team, what they are responsible for, accountable for, involved in and consulted on. 

The aim is that these structures will create more collaboration, break down silos and enable a UX led transformation.  

3. Don't Take Your Eye Off the Ball

UX is there to provide a voice for the customer, but never lose sight of the end goal; creating value for the business. 

Good UX professionals think like the business and understand how their role is helping the overall strategy. By understanding individual executives and their KPIs, you can use data to show them how UX is helping them achieve their goals. 

4. Find UX in Unlikely Places

Ultimately, UX improves things. It does this by continuous testing, measuring and iteration, while keeping a user-centric mindset. 
The pace of change in corporate UX can be frustrating for some. You won’t win every battle, but you can make quantifiable change and create UX champions, even in unlikely places.

About News UK

News UK tell the stories that matter by capturing moments and making sense of the world. They are the current publisher of The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun newspapers amongst others. 

Having recently undergone a huge UX transformation their Head of UX and Design Joseph Frost will discuss how UX can become an integral part of a large corporate business and give his top survival tips for working within a large enterprise.

About Us:

La Fosse Associates specialises in recruiting Technology, Digital and Change talent.  We operate from the board down, on a contract, permanent, interim and executive search basis. 

Hosting the event is Rosie O'Donoghue, who leads La Fosse’s UX & UI function. She hosts regular events to add value to the community she serves by helping them share insight and grow their networks. She believes passionately that strong relationships are built not just on outstanding delivery, but also by trying to add value on a day to day basis. Get in touch: Rosie.O' or 02079321666


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