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DevOps with Apple

21/03/2018 By Omer Saadet

London DevOps Meetup was recently hosted on the 21st March, in partnership with Apple.

The La Fosse DevOps Meetup is for IT executives, DevOps evangelists, and technical specialists to share insights, build relationships, and learn how to drive the behavioural changes needed to achieve a DevOps culture.

The evening consisted of several short presentations by our invited industry leading speakers, followed by a Q&A session, and networking.

This group is a chance to meet fellow minded individuals, from people that have been doing DevOps for a long time to new starters!

We covered anything and everything about DevOps including Automation, Orchestration, Containers, Virtualisation, Service Discovery, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.



Building Object Storage at Apple - Patrice Breton

A high level view of how Apple built its storage infrastructure in a limited time and what unexpected challenges were encountered during that process.
Patrice Breton spent most of his career leading lean highly automated teams to allow building fast (and safe) in the Cloud and on-premise. Patrice has been with Apple since the end of 2014 to help with the build-out of object storage platform.

Building Serverless Apps with a DevOps workflow - Martin Beeby

Martin will talk through how Serverless applications can be built as part of a DevOps workflow and the challenges that PAAS services can present. Martin Beeby is a developer advocate with Oracle.


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