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DevOps Leadership Forum #2 - DevOps Maturity and Measurement

16/10/2019 By Omer Saadet

We are delighted to host the second DevOps event series, DevOps Leadership Forum.

According to SourceLabs, only 12% of companies last year were not adopting DevOps, with a further 36% at the beginning of the journey.
But how do you know where you are on that journey? Is your company just employing a few smart people performing heroics, or are you properly using the cloud and DevOps to support hypothesis-driven development?

With increasing pressures on engineering teams to perform, you need to know that you are not over or under engineering DevOps, and that you have the tools and knowledge to measure the success of your DevOps practices.

Through this event La Fosse hopes to create a space for industry experts to exchange ideas, discuss their own challenges and hear the lessons learnt by others facing a similar journey.

The event, facilitated by Peter Dignan, will focus on the motoring website PistonHeads and their DevOps journey under new owners, CarGurus.

1. Introductions
2. 30 minutes on PistonHeads' journey
3. 30-45 minutes of open discussion on the following points : 

         a. How to measure your DevOps success?
         b. How do you know what maturity level you are at?
         c. How do you make sure you don’t over engineer?

This event is hosted by Omer Saadet. Omer manages the Cloud Services contract division, covering Commerce and Industry with clients ranging from the FTSE100 to tech start-ups.

For more information about this event or our DevOps capability, get in touch with Omer at:


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