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DevOps #38 with Moo

12/11/2018 By Omer Saadet

The La Fosse DevOps Meetup is for IT executives, DevOps evangelists, and technical specialists to share insights, build relationships, and learn how to drive the behavioural changes needed to achieve a DevOps culture.

This event was held in partnership with Moo.

The evening consisted of several short presentations by our invited industry-leading speakers, followed by a Q&A session, and networking.


6:45pm - Introductions

7:00pm - Go, Swarm and DevOps vs The Mighty Monolith - Igor Karpovich (Currency Solutions) Imagine you get hired and the first thing you see is a product which takes ges to build, test and deploy. And even if you manage to deploy, running it costs a fortune with all these bugs, downtime for multiple reasons and ever ending hotfixes. The talk is going to cover how introducing Scrum, DevOps, Docker, Swarm and Go tied together into microservices based ecosystem allowed one small team to do business critical changes fast and safe. Igor Karpovich is Head of Software Development at Currency Solutions.

7:30pm - Low Latency into China... Really! - Vikram Godse (Alibaba) A brief introduction to Alibaba Cloud, their cross-border connect product, and the unique opportunities it offers. Vikram Godse is a Solution Architect with Alibaba Cloud in UK

8:00pm - Psychological Safety in IT Post-Mortems - Matt Saunders (Adaptavist) Sometimes things go wrong, we have software deployment failures and outages, and we always want to know why to prevent a repeat of this. That's why engineering organisations hold post-mortems. But it is hard to create a good atmosphere for people to speak candidly without feeling guilty or that their job is on the line. We'll review how to do incident post-mortems free of blame and with a constructive outcome.

This group provided a chance to meet fellow minded individuals, from people that have been doing DevOps for a long time to new starters!

We cover everything about DevOps including Automation, Orchestration, Containers, Virtualisation, Service Discovery, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

We look forward to meeting you at La Fosse DevOps - join and stay up to date on upcoming events .

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