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Building a World Class Team - For Scaling Tech Companies

04/04/2018 By Claudia Cohen

James Downing of Silicon Valley Bank & Andrew Richardson, Head of Growth at La Fosse, were delighted to host another event together.


The panel event exploreed the daunting task of how you prepare and grow your business specifically from a people and talent perspective. Many Founders underestimate just how difficult it is to grow their business and rush into acquiring talent as soon as they have raised money to do so. 

The event covered 3 main topics:

- How you prepare your business to scale

- The different methods you can use to source and assess talent

- How to keep talent once they’re in your business

The Panel:

- Pip Jamieson - CEO & Founder, The Dots

- Jess Hayes - Head of People & Talent, Wonderbly

- Jonathan Mckay - Entrepreneur and Chairman

- Andrew Richardson - Head of Consulting, La Fosse Associates


About Andrew:

Andrew has been at La Fosse for seven years and is now our head of growth. Andrew heads La Fosse's talent consultancy practice, which helps early stage technology businesses with their people and hiring strategies.

If you're interested in learning more, please get in touch:

About James:

James is a senior business development professional, with wide experience across the banking and wider financial markets. He has a strong track record of providing support, assistance and thought leadership to prominent technology companies. He is also a keen cyclist and regular participant in cycling events across the globe.


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