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All Day DevOps

24/10/2017 By Omer Saadet

La Fosse Associates consultant spoke at #AllDayDevOps, a 24hr live DevOps Online Conference.

What is All Day DevOps?

All Day DevOps is a free online community responsible for creating the world's largest DevOps conference.


What did All Day DevOps 2017 offer?

Over 100, 30-minute sessions across six tracks in all time zones, simultaneously.  Tracks included CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure and Monitoring, Automated Security, Cultural Transformations, DevOps in Government, and the newly created "Tech Crawl" where companies demonstrated what it's like to work in DevOps within their organisations.  


When was All Day DevOps?

The 2nd annual All Day DevOps 2017 conference began at 8:00am GMT (4:00am New York, 7:00pm Sydney) , and continued for 24 hours. 


Missed it? You can still watch All Day DevOps!

Missed the fun? You can still watch Jack and Chris presenting from your desk, in the lunch room with your colleagues, or from the comfort of your living room.


Or Watch here.


Where to now?

Search DevOp vacancies.

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