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Agile Lego City - Leadership Event

24/02/2016 By James Lewis

La Fosse Associates hosted the Agile Lego City event for C-Suite and Heads of Technology and Digital.

Delegates learned how to either implement or improve agile methodologies in their teams, by attempting to build a fullfledged Lego city. In typical agile fashion, the evening was fast-paced, hands-on, and productive.

Guests at the Agile Lego City event

With special thanks to Tony Grout and Chris Matts for facilitating:

Tony is the current Head of Digital and NonDigital Agile Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group

Chris is an Agile practitioner in Product Development, Business Analysis, and Project Management for over a decade

Key Takeaways

1. Agile is not the answer

Agile doesn’t fix problems, it highlights them. To work in an agile manner, your company needs self-organisation and dedication to the process. Those just starting to use agile often feel disheartened as faults are constantly flagged; remember, use it as a tool to identify issues and continuously improve. 

2. Rinse and Repeat

It’s not based on exacting accuracies, but consistency. Agile is a “rinse and repeat method” and its processes, timescales and methods can be adapted to fit any company. Don’t be quick to ditch the scrum retrospective; it highlights areas
of improvement to allow a company to evolve and improve.

3. Collaboration > Competition

Problems will exist between teams, so it’s all about how you communicate. Cross-team communication is key to boost motivation and streamline the agile process across the entire company. Once this is realised, team motivation, productivity and management all improve.



"This is an absolute must for anyone going into an agile environment"

 "Highlights the challenges of trying to get this complex and fundamentally difficult concept to a group of Senior Executive Leaders"

“Really enjoyed the seminar and learnt a lot from it”

“Should be reproduced at our organisation!”


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