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The commercial hires team at La Fosse Associates provide permanent candidates for start-up to enterprise organisations looking to drive revenue, brand awareness, public relations and customer loyalty, and improve operational systems. We currently work across a variety of industries, including fintech, software/SaaS, technology and services, e-commerce, consumer goods, and PR/creative agencies.

We are privileged to have built a network of executives and supporting managers of the highest quality, ranging from hands-on revenue drivers to strategic commercial leaders that optimise operations and marketing to drive growth. By aligning vertically, we can ensure the highest level of expertise for your specific business needs. Whether you are building out a new sales function, taking a new product to market, or launching an innovative marketing campaign, we can provide industry-leading talent to help support the next stage of your business' growth.

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Sales & Marketing Specialisms

Our Sales team specialise in delivering commercial hires for a wide range of organisations looking to develop their business practices, increase revenue, ameliorate customer and public relations and more. With a wide network of industry-leading talent and an ever-expanding client pool, we go above and beyond to provide a timely and efficient recruitment service for all senior sales needs.

Example Sales Role Placements:
  • Commercial Director

  • Sales Director

  • Head of Business Development

  • Account Manager

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Business Development Manager

As businesses evolve, the remit of marketing grows ever wider, branching out from traditional offline marketing to the rapidly expanding world of digital marketing and its associated sub-practices. Despite having only emerged in the past few decades, digital marketing is now a crucial pillar of all businesses, evolving rapidly in line with technological development and the increase of online business. Our team are well-versed in hiring throughout the entire marketing scope, having established long standing relationships with a wide pool of clients and top-tier candidates in order to fill teams of all sizes and to all requirements.

Example Marketing Role Placements:
  • Head of Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Performance Marketing

  • Growth Marketing

  • SEO

  • PPC

  • Organic

  • PR

  • Communications

  • Offline Marketing

  • Brand Marketing

Latest Sales & Marketing Jobs

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Meet Sales & Marketing Team

  • Lise Ferrier
    Lise Ferrier

    Head of Commercial Leadership

  • Nicole Andrews
    Nicole Andrews


  • Rachel Barkey
    Rachel Barkey

    Senior Consultant