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Devops Recruitment

We at La Fosse host specialised, targeted events for our candidates, from forums for industry-specific topics and trends, to panels on wider themes like D&I, hiring, or maintaining culture in fast-growth environments, to informal CV feedback and networking evenings. As well as providing industry professionals an opportunity to learn, share knowledge and network, this allows us to nurture networks and build closer relationships of top professionals in candidate light areas.


DevOps Leadership Forum

We host a roundtable event to discuss different topics relevant to our clients, with one event being focussed on DataOps. Read our event articles below.

"I think these types (and quality) of events create a high degree of valuable awareness in the tech sector. Well done." Keith Cornell, CEO and Chairman

Example role placements:




Latest DevOps Jobs

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Meet DevOps Team

  • Damian Romanowski
    Damian Romanowski

    Principal Consultant