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The InfoSec Recruitment team at La Fosse specialises in placing information security and risk professionals on a permanent and contract basis.

Our extensive network includes technology and risk experts with unrivalled experience protecting businesses against both internal and external threats and vulnerabilities. Whether your business is adopting security controls and measures for the first time, or is looking to mature a pre-existing function, we will partner with you to provide industry-leading authorities, capable of creating a best-in-class security posture.

We operate at all levels of the information and cyber security spectrum, from technical and project delivery through to board level advisory. We have partnered with some of the world’s largest corporates and innovative start-ups.

The InfoSec team have also established La Fosse's Pro Bono Advisory Practice, enabling charities and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations to draw on the expertise of industry-leading professionals in an advisory capacity, for free. Simply put, we introduce top professionals in our network who are interested in giving back. And we waive our normal fee. If you're an NFP seeking guidance from a senior cyber security executive, or a cyber security professional who is interested in taking on an advisory role with a difference, please get in touch.

Information Security Specialisms

Information Security Specialisms

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Whether a business is creating a new security function or bolstering an existing one, a solid governance, risk and compliance (GRC) strategy is highly important for ensuring the safe and effective running of the department against guidelines and regulatory standards. Our team have a well developed network from broad business facing information security leaders, through to specialists in 1st, 2nd or 3rd line of defence across technology & information security GRC.  

Example role placements

Information Security GRC – Analysts through to Global Directors/VPs

Technology Risk, Compliance & Audit – Analysts through to Global Directors/VPs

3rd Party Specialists

Training & Awareness Specialists

Controls Specialists

Operational Resilience & Business Continuity Specialists 

Data Privacy/Governance & GDPR

Since the new GDPR regulations came into effect in 2018, businesses have been put under increased scrutiny to ensure the safe management of data privacy both internally and externally. Our team has a vast network of data experts across all areas, helping our clients, both big and small, to ensure data protection and privacy demands are met in all areas.

Example role placements

Data Protection Officer (DPO) 

Data Privacy Director 

Operational Data Protection Specialists

Data Privacy Counsel 


Security Operations

Security Operations is a rapidly evolving security domain which involves the management and monitoring of security measures within a system. Some of the latest trends we're seeing in this field includes the integration of automation and artificial intelligence into security operations centres, as well as the use of machine learning algorithms to improve threat detection and response times.

Example role placements

VP/ Director/ Global Head of Security Operations

SOC Manager

SecOps Manager

SOC Analyst

SOC Engineer

SecOps Engineer

Head of SecOps

Threat Intelligence

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Red Team/ Blue Team

Security Architecture

We have a proven track record placing across Security Architecture from Enterprise, strategic engagements through to very technical and niche security solutions architects. Whether you have a well-established architecture function or a stand-alone role we can deliver the best talent for your requirement.

Our consultants in this vertical are experienced, understand technology requirements and are networking with the best candidates in this market.

Example role placements

Enterprise Security Architect

Principal Security Architect (across all specialisms)

Security Solutions Architect (across all specialisms) 

Security Engineering

Security Engineering involves the development and implementation of security solutions to protect against cyber threats. Recent progress in this field includes the use of blockchain technology to secure data and transactions, the implementation of Secure Coding practices into the SDLC, as well as the development of new encryption techniques to protect against quantum computing-based attacks.

Example role placements

Application Security Engineer

Cloud Security Engineer

DevSecOps Engineer

Head of Security Engineering

Director of Security Engineering

Cloud Security Analyst

Identity and Access Management Security

Identity and Access Management's recent prominence has been accelerated by the adoption of Cloud and the accessibility factors to consider when migrating to the Cloud. IAM is the processes and technologies used to manage user identities and access to resources within a system. With rapidly evolving tools and technology, we are seeing an increased demand for skills in IAM within Cloud environments.

Example role placements

IAM Engineer

IAM Architect

Head of IAM

IAM Analyst

Cloud IAM Engineers

Security Leadership

In an increasingly online world, security is everything. More and more businesses are looking to specialist leaders to drive change within their organisation and ensure they are protected from both internal and external threats. Our Information Security Leadership team helps to source these individuals from our far-reaching pool of high quality, experienced talent within the industry. We have worked with a wide range of clients including some of the world’s most influential corporates, all the way through to private equity portfolios, charities and start-ups.

  • We make a conscious effort to network with a diverse group of security leaders and often commit to providing diverse shortlists to help move the dial on diversity in the workplace. We have a proven track record in placing diverse candidates across security leadership positions

Example role placements

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) 

Director/VP Information/Cyber Security 

Head of Information/Cyber Security 

Chief Security Officer

OT and Internet of Things (IoT) Security

OT and Internet of Things (IoT) Security is largely focused around the protection of devices and networks in industrial and IoT environments. To keep up with security requirements of the ever changing tech landscape, which includes the development of new security protocols and standards for IoT devices, as well as the use of blockchain technology to secure IoT networks and data, we are seeing a resurgence in these skillsets.

Example role placements

OT Security Engineer

OT Security Analyst

IoT Security Engineer

IoT Security Architect

Head of IoT Security

Head of IT/OT Security

Security Projects and Programmes

In order to create complex change across an entire business, often a Cyber Security Programme is necessary. Whether a Cyber Security Maturity, Uplift, Improvement, Resilience or GRC Programme, La Fosse understand the timescale demand associated with a transformation and the complexity of a Cyber programme, more often than not often extremely reactive due to Audit report or post breach. La Fosse are able to support quickly, from shaping the programme, creating a new Roadmap & TOM, through to the complex multi work stream delivery across a set time period in order to illustrate results to the business.

All roles with either specific domain experience i.e. IAM BA, DLP PM, SOC/SIEM Portfolio PM, or more generic cyber programme delivery experience. 

Example role placements

Cyber Security Transformation Director

Cyber Programme Manager

Cyber Portfolio PM

Cyber Project Manager

Cyber BA

Cyber PMO 

Latest Information Security Jobs

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Meet Information Security Team

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    Antonio Alfieri

    Associate Delivery Consultant

  • Ashlee Harris
    Ashlee Harris

    Principal Consultant Manager

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor


  • Brian Hinojosa
    Brian Hinojosa

    Principal Consulting Manager

  • George Monk
    George Monk

    Associate Consultant

  •  Jack Hanley
    Jack Hanley

    Delivery Consultant

  • Joe Hansard
    Joe Hansard

    Principal Consultant

  • Josh Norton
    Josh Norton

    Associate Consultant

  • Lauren Stutz
    Lauren Stutz

    Principal Consultant

  • Liam Watson
    Liam Watson

    Principal Consultant

  • Molly Lamb
    Molly Lamb

    Head of Practice

  • Natan Goren
    Natan Goren


  • Ross Tanner
    Ross Tanner

    Senior Manager

  • Sean Barry
    Sean Barry

    Associate Consultant

  • Stephanie Crates
    Stephanie Crates

    Principle Consultant