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In a world where product and design is an integral part of everyday life, from apps that help your morning commute to booking sites that secure your dream holiday, our specialist recruitment team ensure that in-demand talent doesn’t go to waste. Drawing on their vast experience within their dedicated vertical, each consultant harnesses the most efficient methods to build a network of top talent. Hosting intimate round tables with Product & Design leaders, utilising social media and attending regular meetups are just some of the ways our team stay connected with the product & design community.


Our consultants have helped built teams with leading clients including trainline,, Metrobank, Moonpig and the WPP Group, as well as introducing design thinking into a variety of businesses. Our permanent and contract division work together to deliver an outstanding service that exceeds expectations.

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Digital, Product & Design Specialisms

Our specialist UX, Design and Research function partners with start-up through to large corporations across London to secure top talent, reflecting the increasing importance of digital design products in our everyday life. Our consultants dedicate time and effort into understanding the market by regularly running leadership events and meeting leaders within the design space, something which has enabled us to build a highly sought-after talent and client pool in this ever-expanding and changing digital landscape. 

In an increasingly digital age, the scope for design continues to expand rapidly, with more and more roles appearing year on year. Our team are well-versed in the challenges faced by businesses wishing to expand their design function, and are able to use our in-depth knowledge of the industry to service both clients and candidates in a highly efficient manner.

Example Design Role Placements:

  • Head of Product Design

  • Head of UX

  • Creative Director

  • Art Director

  • Design Director

  • Product Designer

  • UX Designer

  • VR & AI

  • UI Design

  • Visual & Interaction Design

  • Head of UX Research

  • UX Researcher

  • Service Designer

  • Retoucher

  • Illustrator

Product Management is one of the fastest growing skillsets as organisations across all industries from start-ups through to corporates are continually developing and innovating their digital Product Suite to meet customer needs. Our specialist Product Consultants are able to offer tailored solutions from building out full Product teams from CPO's through to Product Owner as individual placements.

Covering the full Product Lifecycle from Discovery through to Design & Delivery, we match top tier freelance and permanent talent to our wide range of clients. Our extensive track record within the space has allowed our Product Specialist Consultants to not only build a network of talent but also invaluable market insight with clients. By playing an active role in the Product community are Product Consultants are able to have a deep understanding of what makes Product-lead organisations tick and the top talent for their teams.

Example Product Management Role Placements:

  • Chief Product Officer

  • Product Director

  • Head of Product

  • Product Manager

  • Product Owner

  • Product Analyst

As an increasing number of brands take their sales platforms online, eCommerce is a key area of development for many businesses. From research to execution, all aspects of an eCommerce function must be carefully planned and carried out to ensure the best in security and user experience, among other aspects. Through our growing network of talented, high-demand candidates, our team are well positioned to service each client’s individual needs, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Example E-Commerce Role Placements:

  • Head of E-Commerce

  • Global Head of E-Commerce

  • Head of Digital

  • E-Commerce Manager

  • Head of Search

Digital, Product and Design Specialisms

Latest Digital, Product and Design Jobs

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Meet Digital, Product and Design Team

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards

    Managing Consultant

  • Annabel Adams
    Annabel Adams


  • Claudia Nichols
    Claudia Nichols


  • Lise Ferrier
    Lise Ferrier

    Head of Commercial Leadership

  • Lucie Cassius
    Lucie Cassius


  • Nicole Andrews
    Nicole Andrews


  • Rachel Barkey
    Rachel Barkey

    Senior Consultant

  • Rosie O'Donoghue
    Rosie O'Donoghue

    Managing Consultant

  • Ryan Patel
    Ryan Patel

    Managing Consultant

  • Toby Binge
    Toby Binge

    Senior Consultant