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The Infrastructure and Cloud Services recruitment team at La Fosse Associates are able to provide both permanent candidates and contract/interim consultants for enterprise organisations looking to transform their landscape or hire in any capacity across their IT function. Our service lines operate from top to bottom and cover generalist IT support, through to deep technical specialists and up to senior leadership level, such as Directors of Infrastructure, Service Delivery and Programme Directors.

The team has a proven track record of facilitating access to industry leading talent across a broad range of infrastructure technology skillsets for start-ups through to large corporates. By aligning vertically we ensure the highest level of expertise for your specific business needs. Whether you are building out a greenfield infrastructure, looking to migrate services to the cloud, or looking to realign your IT Target Operating Model, one of our specialists will be at hand to understand your specific requirements and provide an unparalleled talent solution at any stage of your journey.

Cloud, Infrastructure & Services Specialisms

Cloud transformation is a priority for businesses looking to swap out IT infrastructures for cloud-based services to remain competitive and centralise their network security. We have been working with clients and candidates at the forefront of cloud transformation for a decade, and are suited to place candidates into a variety of roles across app migration, software programs, data, infrastructure and more.


We at La Fosse host specialised, targeted events for our candidates, from forums for industry-specific topics and trends, to panels on wider themes like D&I, hiring, or maintaining culture in fast-growth environments, to informal CV feedback and networking evenings. As well as providing industry professionals an opportunity to learn, share knowledge and network, this allows us to nurture networks and build closer relationships of top professionals in candidate light areas.



Infrastructure Architecture ensures technical systems and infrastructure are designed to support business strategy and requirements. Having worked with professionals at the forefront of Infrastructure Architecture for over a decade, we have access to some a talent pool of Infrastructure Architecture clients and candidates.

Service Delivery

The La Fosse infrastructure services team partners with businesses to optimise their IT Service Management (ITSM), helping them to provide the highest calibre of service to their customers. Our specialist consultants draw on their depth of experience and established network to identify the best talent, who assist from initial service design right through to continual service improvements, and everything in between. The practice has six years of experience delivering exceptional service within ITSM to a large portfolio of clients in sectors such as retail, consultancy, hospitality, logistics, law, travel, advertising, marketing, healthcare, insurance and the public sector. So, whether your business is seeking to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs or gain an all-round better customer experience, we’re confident we can add value to your team.

Server & Storage Infrastructure

The storage of data is a fundamental component of computing, and varies from business to business. We work with numerous clients requiring different server and storage infrastructure, from network-level storage to cloud data storage and more.
Our team works with highly qualified, highly experienced professionals at the forefront of server and storage infrastructure.


A Network consists of numerous devices that communicate with one another. Regardless of scope, all networks from PCs to data centres allow computers and individuals to share information.  We are experts in recruiting qualified,professionaland skilled people across networks for some of the best companies in the world.


End User Computing (EUC)

End-user computing (EUC) is looking holistically at the scope of the end-user experience and considering all the systems required to accomplish this, while consolidating these systems into a single platform to deliver an improved user experience. We place professionals into a wide variety of EUC roles each with different responsibilities.

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Latest Cloud, Infrastructure and Services Jobs

Meet Cloud, Infrastructure and Services Team

  • Adam Bowman
    Adam Bowman

    Managing Consultant

  • Annabell O'Neill
    Annabell O'Neill

    Associate Consultant

  • Aran Martinson
    Aran Martinson

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Chris Blacketer
    Chris Blacketer

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Danny Meehan
    Danny Meehan


  • Damian Romanowski
    Damian Romanowski

    Specialist DevOps, Infrastructure and Cloud Services

  • Henry Brownlow
    Henry Brownlow

    Associate Consultant

  • Jess Byrne
    Jess Byrne


  • John Flynn
    John Flynn


  • Jordan Connery
    Jordan Connery

    Associate Consultant

  • Lewis Cowell
    Lewis Cowell

    Principal Consultant

  • Lewis Vyse
    Lewis Vyse

    Senior Consultant

  • Omer Saadet
    Omer Saadet

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Sacha Musgrove
    Sacha Musgrove


  • Sonny Allenby
    Sonny Allenby


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