Candidate Feedback

Our mission is to lead by example to achieve a step change in candidate care within the recruitment industry.

This starts with getting back to you on each and every application, with a number to call for specific feedback. We get back to all of our candidates on every application, not just the ones who are suitable for a particular role. We also provide job search and learning resources, host CV feedback and networking evenings, and have published a detailed Candidate FAQ page for information on our entire process.  

It sounds simple, but with over 20,000 applications every month, we take getting back to everyone seriously. In fact, we’re the only recruitment company who pay and promote their people based on getting back to all their candidates, not just the ones who are suitable for a particular role. We constantly measure our ad response, and are the only recruitment firm to suspend pay and commission based on a consultant's response rate2

In fact, our candidate experience is award-winning. While we're not in a state of perfection, and there's plenty of work still to be done, we are honoured to be recognised for our commitment to candidate care, and it demonstrates that we're on the right track.

If you want to find out more, or see a specific consultant's response rate, please get in touch.

We also use quarterly Net Promoter Score feedback surveys to measure our levels of candidate satisfaction.  Please see below for more information on our score.

What is NPS? 
Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the most widely accepted measurement of customer satisfaction.

How is the score worked out?

NPS is based on one single question, using a 0-10 scale: 'How likely is it that you would recommend La Fosse to a friend or colleague?' Scores range from a low of -100 to a perfect score of 100. We also ask one additional question to close the loop on feedback, allowing our candidates to leave specific feedback so we can follow up with those who are able to take the time to share their thoughts and directly address their concerns or ideas. 

Our current score puts us in the top 33% of all companies that use NPS.

If you have any questions about how we measure our NPS, please do get in touch.

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