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Working at La Fosse

23 March 2021

by La Fosse Associates

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What’s it’s like working at La Fosse? As we start to expand our teams throughout 2021, we spoke to some of our new hires about how they’re settling in.

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“My first couple of months at La Fosse have been great. The entire team has been so supportive and welcoming which has helped me settle in quickly despite onboarding remotely. La Fosse is an extremely collaborative company and I’m enjoying and already reaping the benefits from working with people and teams with different specialisms and backgrounds. I’m learning new things and being challenged on a daily basis and look forward to furthering my professional development at La Fosse.” – Olivia, Senior Researcher

“Changing companies, especially during lockdown, is never easy, but my first couple of months at LFA have been really great. People are incredibly supportive and are constantly checking on how are you getting on, adapting and offering advice. The values shown during the interview process and how they do things differently have become true once I’ve joined and experienced them in my own skin.I would definitely recommend joining LFA to anyone who wants to grow professionally, learn from others in a great environment and achieve new goals!” – Alejandro, Lead Consultant

“There’s a great culture at La Fosse. Everyone is approachable and truly willing to help and invest their time to provide advice, training, and development. I have a sense of autonomy in my work, and being around high-performing teams naturally makes you want to perform, as well as providing great role models to look up to and aspire to achieve more. I know it sounds cliché but seeing is really believing. Even though I’ve been here less than a month, I feel as if I’ve known my team for a while, and the fact that my work is results driven as opposed to KPI heavy is especially good for me as an experienced recruiter.” – Ade, Senior Consultant

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