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10 Best Paid Jobs For Graduates

Lily Senior

12 February 2020

by Lily Senior

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It’s that time of year again when recent graduates are embarking on their first paid jobs out of university. There are lots of statistics our there about average salaries but what are the best-paid jobs graduates will be walking into this September?

Veterinary Surgeons

Statistics show that the best starting salaries for new grads are open to those with a Vet Med degree. The average salary for a new vet is around £32k, and often graduates get a package which can include a car and accommodation too. However, this has to be balanced again the higher cost of taking the longer veterinary degree in the first place.

Property Consultants

Although the very highest paying career is only open to those with the related degree, any graduate can forge a degree as a property consultant. This role is all about working with commercial clients and maximising the income they can achieve from their property portfolio. It’s a good choice of career for anyone with a business or maths-related degree.

Development Engineers

A development engineer works in the IT department, and liaises between the software coding team and the rest of the IT team. This might be the career for you if you have studied business management, computing science or any other electronics or computing related degree. New graduates can expect an average starting salary of around £30.5k in this sector.

Structural Engineers

Being a structural engineer could involve working on anything from a small extension on a house through to a huge new hospital or school. They also advise on the best ways of building roads, bridges and other large construction projects to ensure their safety. Training programmes are available with many of the large consultancies, and attract graduates from a range of engineering degrees.


Actuaries spend their life number crunching, trying to evaluate financial impact of certain risks which may or may not happen in the future. Successful actuaries have to be highly numerate, and the career attracts people with degrees in subjects such as Maths, Statistics or Economics. The starting salary is around £30k.

Python Developer, C++ Developer or Full Stack Developer

We’re putting these three jobs together as they all have similar requirements. These are technical roles, involved in writing new code, setting up databases or creating new apps to run on smartphones. The best paid developers already have substantial experience in these programming languages, so most of the entrants into these careers have degrees in computer science or similar.

Recruitment Co-Ordinator

Companies are finding it harder than ever to attract top notch staff, so might choose to employ someone to work closely with headhunters and recruitment agencies to get the best people for the roles which require filling. Personal qualities are more important to this role than your specific degree subject. The average starting take-home is around £26,000.

Safety Consultant

This is the type of occupation which might appeal more to someone with a technical or engineering degree, but is suitable for anyone interested in the law, risk management and implementing staff training and management processes.


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