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What's Recruitment Like? #9

03 October 2019

by Karina Oluwo

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​Interview with Pat Morton, Consultant on the Development team.

Pat joined La Fosse associates over three years ago fresh out of university. He knew that recruitment was something he wanted to pursue as a career and has a desk in our perm division recruiting in .NET. Over the last three years Pat has witnessed the business growth across four floors as well as his own development, working towards being a Principal Consultant.

"I finished my last exam at University, and then one week later I was here"

I'm probably one of the small percentage of people that knew they wanted to do recruitment whilst at university. I was in my second year and I remember being frustrated that my mates wouldn't revise for exams or put effort in to course work but would still get great results. I wanted a career where your performance would directly impact your success, and I knew that was possible in recruitment.

"I won loads of culture awards when I first started"

The job was a lot harder than I thought even though I knew what the expectations were in recruitment, so I came in early and stayed late so I could get as much done as possible, meaning that I was a culture award veteran at the company meeting every Friday.
My first deal came when I was two months in and from working hard and staying on top of my hiring managers, I was able to have that success. Prior to that I had signed terms with five other clients so I knew I was able to make the deal, it just took perseverance.

"You need a sense of humour in this job"

Otherwise you'd cry… all jokes aside, it's important to not sweat the small stuff. Too many people (especially at the beginning) take every hit so seriously. It is painful when a deal drops out, but you must shrug it off and move on. If it's not going to matter in five years' time, then don't spend longer than five minutes worrying about it.

"Remember why you are here"

18 months in I hit a wall and had a wobble. It's at the point where I had just been promoted to consultant and suddenly you feel on your own. It's important to remind yourself what you are striving towards and stick to it. Also, don't be afraid if your motivations change. When I first joined La Fosse all I wanted to do was manage a team, but after looking at my own development I want to focus on being a Principal as I'm at a completely different stage in my life to where I was three years ago. The company has also grown so much since I joined so there are more routes that you can take as a consultant which is brilliant.

"If I didn't get splits, I'd only be two thirds of the recruiter I am today"

The split system at La Fosse is brilliant. You can make money in so many ways and it's even better when someone else can benefit too. I placed Luke's promotion deal when he was in the Sales team and it made me feel good, because I made a placement but that also influenced someone else progressing their career. A third of my billings are from splits and that's from other people helping me develop an account or passing work out myself.

"Get a mentor!"

It makes the world of difference. It's best when you have someone who is the opposite of you, so my mentor is a contract biller who is hot on BD, and I'm a perm consultant who is looking to develop my BD further. The whole point is so you don't become a carbon copy of your manager or someone in your team, and you can develop in another way.

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