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Whats Recruitment Like? With Sam Potter

Samuel Potter

09 June 2019

by Samuel Potter

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​Interview with Sam Potter, Head of Change & Transformation Practice

Sam joined La Fosse Associates in July 2011 as an Associate Consultant and now manages the La Fosse Business Change and Transformation Practice. Not only is Sam one of La Fosse’s most successful recruitment consultants, but he is also leading and developing a large team. He shared his thoughts on his career so far:

It's about where you work AND how you work

What really appeals to me about the recruitment industry is that you’re directly responsible for your own achievements. If your heart's in it, and if you constantly are striving for success, then you can achieve great things. I thrive in that environment.

I think many people don’t realise how enjoyable this industry can be if you join the right company, and that’s certainly true of me. My first experience was a summer internship at a startup during my time at university. I then had a period working at a different recruitment agency before taking time off to go travelling. It was only after finding the right company – La Fosse - that I realised this was my career path.

I came through the graduate scheme

Joining La Fosse was an easy decision. I wanted to join an ambitious organisation with a strong brand, where I was going to be surrounded by the best people in the industry. I met Simon and James in my interview and I knew it was the right cultural fit immediately. Plus, I wanted to move to London! I was previously located in Birmingham, so everything aligned for me at once. Not many graduate schemes pay the kind of salary which allow you to live in London as a graduate.

You have some great people here to learn from, at every turn

Like anyone, I’ve experienced difficult periods in my career. What got me through them was the support of the team here, from my director up to Simon himself.

There are now over 200 employees here, and that number continues to grow. It’s amazing to think there were just 20 people when I started. That means that you can draw upon a huge wealth of knowledge and experience from across the business, at all levels. For anyone who is joining, that is hugely comforting to know. Plus, investment in training and development is a priority here, and that is really reflected in the ethos and values of the team. We’re constantly looking to push and to help each other out. It’s a great place to foster learning and development.

This is especially important to me now, as a leader of a large team, my focus is as much about making them successful as it is about my own development. Having great support around me has been so integral to this, and allows me to use what I've learnt to focus on helping others to achieve their goals. Seeing them succeed is hugely rewarding and keeps pushing me on!

Don’t rest on your laurels

If I could give any advice to those thinking about starting out in the recruitment industry, it would be to believe in yourself, work harder than the person next to you, and don’t give up.

The challenges I experienced taught me that when you are successful, you can’t sit back and think you’ve cracked it. Enjoy your moment in the sun as it's you that got you there, but remember it’s all about the consistency, so don't let it go!

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