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What To Expect From Your First Job as a Recruitment Consultant

Karina Oluwo

22 February 2019

by Karina Oluwo

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​Starting any new job is exciting. Along with excitement there’s a fair degree of nerves for many people too, especially when you’re new to the industry as well as the company. If you’re starting a new job in the recruitment industry, what can you expect in your first weeks or months?

Need for Organisation

One of the skills you’ll have to draw on most often in your role as a recruitment consultant is organisation. You’ll be juggling several clients with vacancies which need filled, seeing new applicants, speaking to prospects, answering emails, making phone calls – it’s pretty full-on. The key is to finding a system which works for you, whether that be post-it notes stuck to a board, or a digital to-do list like Wunderlist or Trello. La Fosse has an extensive training programme (which won Best in its industry in 2018) to support you and get your skills up to scratch, including sessions to help you get organised.

People Skills

One thing you can definitely expect from your recruitment consultant job is the chance to meet new people. And we don’t just mean your colleagues. Recruitment consultants speak to dozens of people every day, from job seekers to HR staff and senior managers in your client companies. It’s the perfect role for anyone who likes to meet new people, and help them to either find a new position, or move forward in recruiting the perfect employee.

Possibility of Progression

Unlike other industries, promotion in the recruitment industry is purely based on performance. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been employed, or your age. So right from the start of your new job you can make your mark. Hit your targets consistently, and you can easily move up into a more senior position, dealing with bigger clients and earning a larger salary too – the average promotion time from entry-level role to billing consultant at La Fosse is just 11 months. So right from the first day be prepared to put in the effort, pick up new skills as quickly as you can and show that you are keen to progress.

Learning Opportunities

Working in recruitment ensures that no two days are the same. In most jobs though, you’re only learning about the industry you are employed in. Recruitment is different; you could be working with clients across a range of industry sectors and with applicants from many backgrounds. This allows you to learn about different industries in a way that not other job does.

Learning New Skills

As well as getting an insight into a whole range of industries, being a recruitment consultant helps you with some other transferrable skills too. We’ve already mentioned that you’ll need to be super-organised. But you’ll also develop your skills in negotiating with clients and applicants, and reaching an agreement which everyone is happy with. You will also develop new technology skills, both using the company’s software and external job sites, social media and other websites.

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