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Garden Sounds in Venice: A Community of Founders, Entrepreneurs and Investors

12 November 2018

by Alistair Ross

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​La Fosse Garden Sounds in Venice is an intimate community of founders, CEOs and investors in Silicon Beach. Through fostering connections between our local and international contacts, our aim is to inspire a collaborative network of forward-thinking individuals with global reach who can learn from, support and help one another.

The community meets quarterly and has organically grown to over 200 entrepreneurs and senior leaders at the forefront of California's consumer-brand scene. The evenings are hosted in collaboration with The Resident Collective and feature music, comedy, quick-fire tech pitches – and plenty of Gjelina pizza.

So, why do we think we've found a better way for CEOs and investors to network?

It's time to disrupt old-school networking. We want to build community with a real difference, where people drop their guard, and can actually enjoy themselves. This isn't just because everyone we think everyone would have a better time – it's because it's in atmospheres likes this that genuine conversations can be had, and authentic connections made.

Working as a community, works. This isn't just a theory, it's tried and tested. Garden Sounds started running a year ago, when we began inviting the individuals making an impact in Silicon Beach – the VC and PE community, CEOs and Founders of start-ups, and the C-Suite of established players in the tech and content world. Soon, we had established a community who were ready to share knowledge, support and help one another – and great business opportunities followed.

It's a laid-back way to meet international contacts. It's becoming more and more crucial for US start-ups to have a hub in LA, and increasingly businesses from all over the world are moving stateside to do the same. With offices across the US and UK, we specialise in helping start-ups who are seeking to grow internationally – which is why we partner with Locateinusa. One of the chief aims of Garden Sounds is to foster connections between our local and international contacts, making the transition as easy as possible.

Business aside - it's not a bad way to spend an evening. You can expect compelling talks from innovators, alongside live performances from a few artists and comedians. Our last event was MCed by a local comedian and kicked off with three quick-fire pitches from companies who are disrupting their space – HealthTech Heal (Nick Desai, CEO), Blockchain Data Technology Srax (Krisoffer Nelson, Co-Founder) and Influencer Marketing Platform Whalar (Neil Waller, Co-Founder), before wrapping up with two soul music sets.

So far, people seem to like it…

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the event. It’s get's better each time: great flow, amazing people and a unique vibe where everyone let’s down their guard. You have created something very special, well done!” Lippe Oosterhoff – co-founder of Busker Media

“I have to say I do a LOT of these talk/dinner things and yours was by far the most fun. Great audience. Fun event. I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for having me out there.” Nick Desai - CEO of Heal

“Thanks so much for throwing such a great soirée last week & for including us. From the beautiful setting to the entertainment to the opportunity to meet great people - it was a great night. What a fun idea.” Mr & Mrs Smith, LA team

“The night was excellent and I left feeling buoyant and grateful to be part of such a special, talented, future-minded community. Putting that together is a massive gift to everyone in attendance – you should be nothing short of consummately proud.” Noah Champion-Buck - Executive Director at Social Life

“Thank you again for putting together what was a really amazing event. I’m grateful for all that you’re doing for the community – it’s really making a difference! I can’t wait for the next one.” Michael Wise, CTO at Universal Pictures