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Technology, Digital and Change Recruiter La Fosse Associates announces New York Office opening

Johnnie Greenwood

09 July 2018

by Johnnie Greenwood

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Continuing La Fosse's successful expansion into the US market, they're delighted to announce the opening of their New York office, based in the heart of Manhattan. The office opening coincides with the US Department of Labour's announcement that job openings are outnumbering seekers for the first time on record across the US, a trend particularly striking in New York, where salaries have grown 2.2% in the last 12 months.

Following on the success of La Fosse Associates' first US practice which opened in Los Angeles in 2016, the organisation is expanding their offering to the East Coast. With an already established executive network and strong track record in the New York metropolitan area, the La Fosse New York office will allow the organisation to better support their US client-base. The NY office will provide more comprehensive support for UK-based companies looking to build teams on the East Coast.

La Fosse has a values-led approach, and was founded on the idea that treating people well isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the best way to drive growth. They are co-owned, with 40% of equity being gifted to staff over time. The way in which this encourages them to work together is reflected in their rapid growth: La Fosse has a compound annual growth rate of 38.2%, more than three times the industry average.

The New York office opens at a time of significant growth for the city's tech scene, which is seeing ballooning investments, multi-billion dollar exits and the creation of thousands of new jobs. La Fosse New York is landing at the ideal time to continue their partnerships with both the Private Equity and Venture Capital firms at the forefront of this market, and will be best placed to help them scale their portfolio companies.

Johnnie Greenwood
will head up La Fosse New York, and will be responsible for building out and further establishing the organisation's US offering. Over the last four years, Johnnie has successfully built the La Fosse Interim capability into one of the market leaders in the UK and Europe. He partners with clients to place board, executive and advisory positions across Private Equity and Fortune 500 companies.

On the new office, Johnnie comments, "Following the success of our LA office, opening a second hub in New York, where we are already working with some of the world's most prestigious brands, was a natural step. The office develops the service we already provide to our US and UK clients, further enabling companies to identify top talent and scale at pace."

CEO James Parker, adds:
"Opening an office in New York is an exciting milestone for La Fosse. We offer Technology, Digital and Change recruitment at all levels from the board down, and are confident this unique top to bottom capability is the best way to support our increasingly international client base."

For more information please contact:

James Parker
020 7932 1632

Johnnie Greenwood
Executive Vice President, New York

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