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Top Tech Roles for Non-Tech Types

Karina Oluwo

30 November 2017

by Karina Oluwo

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​Have you considered getting into the tech industry, but unsure where to begin because you can’t code, programme or develop?

Well, good news, tech companies aren’t just looking for grads who are fluent in Java, C-language or PHP. They also need teams around them to help grow their company: sales departments, legal divisions, finance, and marketing functions, and loads more.

So, if you’re a grad interested in getting into the sector that is growing faster than most other industries in the U.K. (and contributes nearly £100 billion to our economy each year) - here are some of the best options for a rewarding career in digital tech, all without having to code.


Technology has created a whole new range of marketing roles aimed at digital channels. Social media managers and online community managers didn’t exist 10 years ago and now they’re some of highest-priority positions. If you’re a digital native with a passion for communication and social media – this could be your calling.

Social media manager: You act as the brand on social media sites, writing posts, creating content, promoting the company and responding to comments in the brand’s voice.

Community manager: You act as an individual engaging with customers to raise awareness of the brand. You speak in your own voice and you build excitement around the company.

Digital marketing manager: You develop and implement marketing campaigns to build brand online awareness, grow traffic to your website and create customer leads.


One of the most accessible entry routes for non-tech graduates is the sales team. Every established or start-up tech company has one. And the best bit is that most will offer comprehensive training, so you don’t need to be a sales pro when you start.

You just need to be confident, resilient and ambitious, with good communication skills.


Recent law grad? Technology is one of the most exciting industries to flex your legal prowess with patents, copyrights and intellectual property. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities if you're interested in criminal law, with cybercrime and data breach cases on the rise.

Technology law covers the specialist spectrum from contracts and commercial, to IP as well as the rapidly evolving area of data protection regulation. Your options, as a grad, are to join a firm that has a dedicated tech department, or apply for a contracts management role at one of the big tech companies. If you have law degree – you should have a good head-start.


Financial institutions invest millions in their tech departments, and Fintech is one of the biggest areas of development in the technology start-up sector.

Investment banking: Investment banks are seriously invested in technology. JP Morgan employs 40,000 techs globally and Goldman Sachs is a ‘technology company’ according to its CEO, Lloyd Bankfein. But, you don’t have to join their IT department to jump on-board. Tech-powered trading floors and investment platforms are central to their strategies.

Fintech start-ups: Merge your love of finance, technology and entrepreneurialism at one of the hundreds of Fintech start-ups popping up all over the UK. Over £1bn has already been invested in financial disruptors this year. Fintechs, like the ones listed below, need graduates to fill business analyst, product management, and sales and marketing roles.

Some top UK Fintech companies:

Monzo: banking that lives on your smartphone
TransferWise: transparent and cheap global money transfers
Nutmeg: online investing on your mobile
Receipt Bank: the paperless future of bookkeeping
Iwoca: simple access to capital for small businesses


Technology recruitment combines it all, through technology, sales, resources, marketing and finance, giving you broad experience of the whole sector. And, with the technology industry growing at its current rate, there’s never been a better time to join its recruitment arm – with more jobs and investment than ever before.

Here at La Fosse Associates, we can offer you immediate, hands-on experience working with the tech industry’s most exciting start-ups and biggest companies. We also invest heavily in helping you train, develop and grow your skills along with uncapped commission and unlimited earning potential.

As an Associate at La Fosse, a typical day would include:

  • Calling customers to discuss current resource needs

  • Researching the latest tech industry developments to become an industry-expert in your tech vertical

  • Planning and running industry-leading events, working with some of the top names in tech

  • Attending a training session to grow your skills and potential

If you’re a self-starter with drive, resilience, grit and commercial ambition, we’d love to hear from you. Drop me an email at karina, when you’re ready to get set and go.

Find out what it's like to work at La Fosse here.