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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Working in Tech

23 November 2017

by Karina Oluwo

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​Higher salaries, more jobs and a values-led culture that embraces creativity - if you haven’t jumped on the tech bandwagon, what are you waiting for?

Last year, the UK secured more investment in digital tech than any other country in Europe. In fact, the sector contributes almost £100 billion to our economy each year.

The U.K. is such a tech & digital powerhouse that Bill Gates - recognising the potential of British innovation in the fields of technology and science - has sunk £750 million into UK universities - saying simply: “They are the best”.

Here are the 10 reasons you should be getting into the tech industry - today.

1. There are jobs – lots of them

Tech City UK’s Report, Tech Nation 2017

Digital tech is hiring – constantly. There are more than 1.64 billion tech jobs in the UK– and that figure is climbing. In fact, the sector is creating jobs twice as fast as any other – with a new tech business formed in the UK every hour.

And remember, you don’t have to code to get a career in the industry. There are loads of non-techy jobs in technology that can offer the same above-average pay and other perks that come with the territory. 

Sales and relationship-based roles are at the top of the list of non-technical jobs in the tech industry on job sites like Monster, which says a lot about what the industry really needs.

2. The pay is great

Choosing a tech role means choosing a bigger salary. The average digital advertised salary in the UK is £50,663 compared to £35,155 for non-tech jobs - making tech roles 44% better paid. 

If you're transitioning into the industry, remember that these aren't the figures you'll necessarily be starting on, but it's important to consider the trajectory of your pay as you progress in your career.

3. Happiness in the workplace is a priority

Tech firms dominated a recent list of the best workplace cultures  - with many recognising the importance of a happy, inspiring and supportive atmosphere. As Glassdoor’s Joe Wiggins, puts it: “Organisations that have a strong culture will attract the best people, and this will lead to stronger financial performance.”

4. You'll enhance your skills

A job at a tech company offers extensive opportunities to add to your skill set. You may find yourself working on a range of projects or developing new interests, and in an often more meritocratic environment than traditional firms, your voice will be heard.

5. It's varied and exciting

Gone are the days an IT job meant a guy in a basement telling people to switch their PC off and on 10 times a day. 

From data analysts and web developers to game designers and computer forensics experts, the list of what you could do - and what kind of company you could do it in - is endless. 

6. You could work anywhere in the world

Not only do all types of company need all types of tech specialists, but so does every single country across the globe. With transferable skills, the world will be your oyster.

7. Tech is a magnet for investment

Last year the UK received £6.8 billion in investment from venture capitalists and private equity firms - more than 50% that of any other country in Europe. 

Firms need grads and those hungry to dive head first into the industry to take on the rapidly growing industry, both now and in the future. Plus, you’ll be helping to create a healthy economy.

8. You don't have to start your career where you think

Liverpool is buzzing with tech companies - there are 24,307 jobs on offer there. And Reading, Bristol & Bath or Cambridge have the highest density of tech businesses in the country. So spread your wings. 

Internships are often the best way to get your foot in the door early; in fact, many organisations are on the lookout for interns on a rolling basis. At La Fosse, we've just started taking applications for our 2018 Summer Internship Programme; get in touch for more information on how to apply.

9. There’s a push for diversity

Policy makers and organisations are actively promoting tech roles to all types. So if you’re a female grad with a passion for tech and innovation – be prepared to receive a very warm welcome. 

10. You’ll play a role in the global future (yes really!)

Digital technology is at the forefront of our ever evolving world – and the possibilities for innovation are infinite. You could be right there, making your mark. 

Tempted? Here’s what to do next:

We can help you get your foot on the tech ladder. You could even begin your journey with us, working with the industry’s most innovative start-ups and biggest tech companies. We will train you, help you hone your skills – and develop new ones. 

Why not join us at one of our tech industry networking events? Contact us for further details. 

And for any more information, please call us. We’d love to hear from you.     


Many of the figures in this post were taken from Tech City UK’s latest survey, Tech Nation 2017.


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