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La Fosse in 60 Seconds: Q&A with Johnnie Greenwood, Head of Interim

15 June 2016

by Karina Oluwo

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We sat down with a number of consultants across all levels of the business to hear their story and highlight the various paths to success at La Fosse.
Here’s our next 60 second interview with Johnnie Greenwood, Head of Interim…

Q: What university did you attend, and what is your degree? Alternatively, what were you doing prior to joining La Fosse?

A: I studied Business Management at Newcastle University. Straight after my degree, I spent 6 months skiing and 3 months travelling through Central America.

My first job in London was delivering sandwiches on a bicycle. I quickly moved up the ranks, and eventually became the managing director with a team of 50 people, a role I held for two years. Following on from this, I moved into the ship broking, focussed on dry cargo in the Atlantic market, for a further two years.

Q: How long have you been working at La Fosse?

A: I’ve been here for just over two and a half years.

Q: What has been your favourite thing about working at La Fosse?

A: My favourite thing is the entrepreneurial environment, paired with the high earning potential. With the many opportunities given to us, I’m constantly motivated to achieve and improve. The shared ownership aspect of the company gives a real feel that you’re part of a team working towards a collective goal, rather than competing against each other.

Perhaps more importantly, I really value the culture and workplace. I’ve formed some great relationships with my colleagues, and I can genuinely say I would happily go for a drink with anyone at La Fosse.

Q: What’s your story at La Fosse so far?

A: I started out at La Fosse as an Associate Consultant on the Contracts team. I spent thirteen weeks resourcing, and after a year and three months, I was promoted, following which I spent three months working as part of the contracts team. I was then given the task of helping to establish the interim practice, and after two and half years, I moved into my current position, as Head of Interim.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working? Do you have any hobbies?

A: One of my passions is cycling – I also compete in triathlons, and most recently completed a half Ironman in Mallorca.

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