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A Job All Former Athletes Can Excel In

12 June 2016

by Karina Oluwo

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Once you close your locker door, another door is ready to be opened. So unlace those boots, frame your beloved jersey, and get excited about starting a new career now that your days on the pitch have come to an end.

In the article entitled “Locker Room To Board Room: 10 Perfect Jobs For All Former Athletes”, Ashley Brooks mentions a variety of solid career paths that are ideal for ex-sportsmen, including executive recruitment.

Brooks took notes from an executive managing partner from an American search firm who mentions that: “your athletic past has given you drive and determination, made you goal-oriented and taught you to focus on results—all skills that seamlessly transfer to the workplace.”

When it comes to recruitment, Brooks states, “An executive recruiter’s job is to find personnel to fill vacant positions within a company. Just like scouting an opponent before a big game, these professionals must know how to spot talent and notice the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Athletes are often fast-moving, action-oriented and confident in their decisions, which Hanold says is the key to success in this field.”

So, there you have it– perhaps recruitment is just the right career path for you. A job you never knew you could truly excel in. Score!

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