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10 Benefits of Starting Your Career with One of The Best Companies to Work For in the UK

02 March 2016

by Karina Oluwo

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Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Working for a small company can come with some big perks. At La Fosse Associates, you can enjoy these benefits for a happier, healthier lifestyle!

1. Getting fit for free

That’s right, free gym passes are always available.

2. Knowing your development path

With a world class development programme, all employees have a clear path set for them on day one.

3. Working in an open plan office

For maximum transparency, you’re sitting with colleagues of all levels.

4. Equity is shared with everyone

40% is shared amongst all employees, so everyone gets a piece of the pie.

5. Skiing in the Alps

Every year LFA takes a subsidised ski trip for the ultimate team bonding experience.

6. Getting promoted from within

65% of LFA’s management team is promoted from within the company.

7. Commuting benefits galore

With the Cycle to Work Scheme and Season ticket loans, you’ll save money no matter which way you commute to work.

8. Giving something back

You can get involved in charities with company-wide partnerships. LFA has an on-going partnership with MOET school (an orphanage in Malawi). You can also participate in Byte Night (to raise money for youth homelessness) and they sponsor all kinds of athletic events.

9. Getting your back rubbed

Literally. Free monthly massages and hypnotherapy sessions will keep your mind, body and soul at peace. Say no more.

10. Cheersing to a successful week

Because every week is worth celebrating. The company-wide wrap-up meetings are a time for sharing company news and achievements from the week (and plenty of soft drinks if alcohol’s not your thing!)

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