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Why You Should Secure A Career Before You Finish Studying

22/03/2016 By Lily Senior

You will thank you later. And sooner is always better than later.  Here's why you should land your dream job today, and soak up the rewarding benefits of having a job before uni is over.


1) Kick Start Your Career Development

By getting ahead early, you’ll be progressing faster in all aspects of your career. Promotions come earlier, you’ll have more money to save, and accelerated success.  An early start means you’ll be further along down the line than your peer group - putting you ahead of the game. 

Three dogs are lined up, each with a sausage in front of them. On the signal, the smallest dogs qucikly collects all the sausages in its mouth


2) The Competition Is Fierce

With approximately 226 thousand students enrolled in university in the UK, the earlier you secure a role, the better.

Two skiers have a photo finish at the Olympics


3) Get Your Foot In The Door

You’ll be building your professional network straight away.

April Ludgate from Parks and recreation pretends to type on her computer to look busy


4) Enjoy Your Last Days At University 

If you have a job secured by the Easter holiday, you’ll be able to relax a little bit, making your final days at uni more enjoyable.

Graduates throw their hats into the air


5) Get Your Parents Off Your Back 

Sick of all the nagging? Make them proud and worry-free by landing a great job and proving that your time at uni was well worth the money. 

Kelly Rowland brushes her shoulder sassily


6) Spend More Time On Your Dissertation 

By having a job secured, you’ll have one less thing to stress about while preparing for your finals.

A pen writes, 'The End'


7) Feel Proud Of Yourself 

Landing a job is no easy feat these days, so having the motivation to go through the process early is a big deal. It’ll be great to know these last few years of hard work have paid off

Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic shouts, 'I'm the king of the world!'


Don’t snooze and lose. Get your foot in the door today at La Fosse Associates. Contact Lily Senior ( or 02079322083) for more information. 

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