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What Is The Difference Between A Graduate Job And A Graduate Scheme?

29/04/2019 By Lily Senior

Final year students have a lot on their plates, what with completing dissertations, preparing for
their final exams, and trying to secure that prized great first job. There’s a lot of choice out there for
graduates. With such a heavy workload, it makes sense to prioritise applying for the types of jobs
you are interested in. A key choice for most final year students is deciding between a graduate
scheme and a graduate job.

Graduate Schemes

Graduate schemes are popular with a wide range of companies, both big and small. The idea is
that the company recruits a batch of graduates each year. These young people all start at the same
time, and follow a structured training programme. The training programme typically involves close
mentoring by a senior manager, exposure to different areas of the business by moving jobs regularly,
and lots of training workshops. Companies hope that by investing money in this way, they can mould
the cream of the graduate crop into the managers of the future.

Graduate schemes – also sometimes known as graduate training programmes – can be very
competitive. Completing a two or three year training programme can provide a great kick start to
your career. If you decide to stay after the programme, you can easily move into a range of different
careers within the organisation. If you decide to leave, you can apply your skills and experience
elsewhere. Most graduate schemes start recruiting through the autumn term, with interviews
around February/March and a start date in September.

Graduate Jobs

Graduate jobs are slightly different. Again, these are roles which are only open to people who
have graduated. However, unlike a graduate training scheme, you are being recruited to full a
specific vacancy and to take on a fixed role. Opportunities for training will depend on the company.

The advantage to this type of job is that you get more in-depth experience in a job. If you’re clear
about what you want to do when you graduate, then it makes sense not to waste time trying out a
range of departments to see which one you like best. As you will be going into a vacancy, you might
even be able to start right after your exams, so you’re not spending summer twiddling your

Finding Graduate Employment

Whether you decide to go straight into a graduate level job or try to get into a training scheme,
the one thing which is true is that you can’t rest on your laurels. Employers open up applications as
soon as term starts in September, and if you leave it until after Christmas, you may find many of the
deadlines have already passed. Your University careers service should be able to give good advice on
where to look for opportunities, and how to apply.

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