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The UK’s Top Spots for Tech Roles

04/01/2018 By Lily Senior

If you’re on the hunt for your first job in tech, you should consider expanding your search. Figures from the latest study by Tech City, Tech Nation 2017, show that £4.6 billion was invested in digital tech outside the capital. 

While London might boast the biggest digital turnover, it also has the highest competition for jobs in the U.K., yet other locations lead the way in terms of digital business concentration, digital turnover growth and high growth digital businesses, posing a huge opportunity.

Here's a breakdown of the latest facts and stats from three lower-key, higher-growth towns and cities, which show why searching beyond London might help you to land your first role in the tech and digital industry. 


A stone’s throw from London, stunning countryside on its doorstep and second only to London in digital tech turnover, Reading gives the capital a serious run for its money when it comes to job opportunities and quality of life. 


Population: 330,000
Known tech companies: Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco
Digital tech economy jobs: 45,269 
Average advertised digital salary: £53,255
Average house price: £390,592
Train to London: 25 minutes


£12.5 billion in digital tech turnover.
Reading boasts the second highest digital tech turnover in the UK. It’s overshadowed by London’s £56 billion, but considering it's only a fraction of the size of London, that's a pretty impressive figure.

No.1 for digital business concentration.
Reading has by far the highest density of digital tech businesses in the UK, with London coming much further down the list in 8th position. 

What’s next? 

Reading is only half an hour by train from London, but the introduction of the Elizabeth Line in 2018 will make that journey even shorter.



(Credit: Reading Tom)

Formerly the world’s largest shipbuilding town, Sunderland is now better known for its car manufacturing industry as the location of Nissan’s European HQ. 


Population: 275,300 
Known tech companies: Epic Games, Vantec, Tombola, Nissan
Digital tech economy jobs: 5,742
Advertised digital salary: £38,895 
Average house price: £117,174
Train to London: 3.5 hours


101% in digital turnover growth.
A quiet giant, Sunderland came third in the UK in terms of digital turnover growth from 2011 – 2015, just 4% behind London. 

No.1 for digital tech birth rates.
At 19.3%, Sunderland boasts the highest digital birth rate of any city in the UK, as well as a notable digital jobs growth figure of 49%, putting them in fourth place behind London, Dundee and Redruth & Truro. 

What’s next? 

Development of the International Advanced Manufacturing Park is underway, providing the area’s high tech industries and manufacturers with state of the art facilities. It will create 5,000 new jobs and attract over £400 million of private sector investment into the region.



(Credit: Matthew Hartley)

In 2015, Manchester attracted £78 million of digital investment. In 2016, it was ranked in the top 20 in the European Digital City Index for starting and scaling a digital tech business. Perhaps Manchester will soon be as famous for its digital and tech industry as it is for its football. 



Population: 2,690,000 
Known tech companies: BBC, Boohoo,, Autotrader, Ladbible,,
Digital tech economy jobs: 62,653
Advertised digital salary: £47,349
Average house price: £186,154
Train to London: 2 hours



£2.9 billion in total digital tech turnover.
In 2015, Manchester placed fourth behind London, Reading and Bristol & Bath.  

Digital tech birth rate of 15.6.
While lower than Sunderland and Reading, Manchester’s digital tech birth rate is still above the average of 15%. 


What’s next?

 Manchester’s tech scene will soon be boosted by three major developments. First, Mi-IDEA, a new facility for tech start-ups. Next, the £235 million Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials Research and Innovation is due to open in 2019. Finally, the government is investing £10 million into CityVerve, a project to test Internet of Things technology. 

Reading, Sunderland and Manchester are just three examples of UK cities investing in digital innovation. Other cities like Cambridge, Bristol & Bath and Newcastle are also worth exploring, if you’re looking for a high quality of life, low cost of living, a slower pace and plenty of digital job opportunities. 

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