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Tech Talk: 2018 List

04/01/2018 By Lily Senior

If you're passionate about digital, innovation and tech, and are ready to dive head first into your first role, be sure to brush up on the biggest buzzwords in the game right now.  Here's a quick breakdown of 8 trends, topics, and terms in tech and digital that are predicted to have a big impact in 2018. 



Blockchain is said by many to be the next technology to revolutionise the world and some predict it could even transform the financial industry beyond recognition. Blockchain is an open, yet secured (through cryptography) financial ledger that can record transactions between peers almost immediately, unlike traditional banking systems. 

Blockchain - bitcoin



This combination of blockchain and the Internet of Things enables computers to make real-time data connections backed by the security of blockchain technology. The predicted growth of its adoption in 2018 could have a significant impact on speeding up and securing distribution lines and supply chains.

Computer screen - data and analytics


Digital detox

According to a recent study by Tecmark, we touch our smartphones 221 times per day, even though those of us who constantly check our emails and messages are more prone to stress. A survey by Ofcom recently revealed that 34% of respondents had gone on a digital detox and 16% had chosen to visit an Internet-free holiday destination. We predict that switching off will become more popular this year. 

Woman with phone and bag


Machine learning

Computers that don’t need human programming are a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of 2017’s major trends. With no room for human error, machines are already doing incredible things in the healthcare industry, such as predicting cancers and creating intelligent prosthetics. 

Amazon bot - machine learning


Dark data

This is all the useless information that companies collect and hoard from abandoned activities like instant messages and zip files. It poses a security problem and it costs companies to store it. It will be up to IT managers to devise solutions to fix security gaps and cut costs – and could be front of mind for organisations in 2018. 

Data and server


Microservice architecture

A method of creating enterprise applications in a modular, independently deployable, small and yet scalable way. These qualities make it an increasingly popular way of creating apps for use across multiple devices and platforms, or when it’s uncertain what you’ll need to support in the future.

Siri voice app on phone


Self-service analytics

Data analysts are being given a run for their money by self-serving analytics software on the rise. The software aggregates, manipulates, and provides learning from huge amounts of data in real time. It’s ideal for businesses who don’t have access to data staff or who need to have learnings instantly – rather than waiting for a man-made report.

Data analyst



‘The biggest thing since the introduction of electricity’ (in the words of Steve Mollenkoff) has already undergone successful testing in the UK and is expected to fall into general consumption in 2019. More reliable, much faster and set to rapidly propel adoption of Internet of Things devices. 

Women look at mobile phones

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