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Should you start your career or travel first?

24/10/2017 By Lily Senior

We believe you can do both.

As you leave university behind you, the idea of travelling somewhere new is all too tempting. Somewhere in the sunshine, far from the libraries and lecture halls you’re used to. 

So you get a temporary job, save up, and book your flights the second you can afford to. Then, after the trip of a lifetime, you feel recharged and ready to think about your future and starting your career.

However, applying for jobs upon your return can be difficult, especially as a recent grad with little experience. Plus, as the tan wears off and reality starts to set-in, you're left in a tricky situation. You want to take your time and find a great career with plenty of opportunities for long-term growth - but you need a job to pay the bills for the time being.

Which means post-graduation, many grads are left with a tough decision; should you:

a) Travel and run the risk of losing out on great job opportunities?

b) Be sensible and start your career instead?

We believe the answer can be quite simple: do both. Take the time to reach out to companies before you go away, so you have options when you return.

Get ahead of the game

Having your next steps lined up means you’ll come back from your travels feeling rejuvenated and stress-free, and in showing the initiative to reach out early, you’ll be progressing faster in all aspects of your career. Promotions come earlier, you’ll have more money to save, and you can enjoy accelerated success.

The first job market is highly competitive, with over 200,000 students graduating every year. It will be a huge benefit to start building your professional network straight away, and, you'll probably enjoy your trip that much more knowing you have prospects lined up and your parents off your back.

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