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Friends In Hire Places

06/07/2016 By Lauren Connolly

3 Reasons To Bring Your Friends To La Fosse

Whoever decided that you had to fly solo at job interviews? Or that work mates should just be, well, work mates?

We believe that good friends make great colleagues, which is why La Fosse would love you to get your mates on board - or even apply and interview as a group. Sounds like a good idea, right? We think so. Here’s why.

1. Friends get the best out of each other

Some of the La Fosse team, beers in hand, at the Friday company meeting

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me,” said the car tycoon Henry Ford. Well, you might have said that 100 years ago Henry, but we think it’s the way forward in 2016.

We all have friends that bring out the best in us, who boost our confidence, energise and inspire us. Why save that dynamic for the pub on a Saturday night? Bring that incredible, idea-generating relationship into the office and find yourself and your friends motivated to work better and go further - striving to achieve something amazing together. It’s a win for you, it’s a win for La Fosse.

2. You already have chemistry

Some of the La Fosse team sharing a laugh at the pub

Good friends have great chemistry. They’ve also put time and effort into building their relationship - getting to know each other, earning trust and understanding and gaining a shared history. Well, working relationships aren’t that different.

Come to La Fosse with a friend - or even a few - and you’ll be one step ahead of the game. You know how each other thinks, where your strengths and weaknesses lie and how to make each other better. Bring that knowledge and chemistry to us. It just makes sense.  

3. The Recruit of Happiness

The La Fosse team dressed as penguins on the annual ski trip to the Alps

La Fosse is big into happiness in the workplace. It’s why year after year we are recognised as one of the 100 Best Small Companies To Work For in the UK. Yes we’re proud of the recognition - but that’s not why we’re on this mission.  

Treating people well makes business sense - happy people are more productive - but it is also just the right thing to do. Hiring friends who care about and support each other fits perfectly into our values-based culture. Mates make each other happy. If you work alongside them, you are going to feel happier at the office and become the best you can be. So simple, so life-changing.

If you’ve got a tight group of friends you’d like to not only hang with BUT also work with send your CVs or profiles over to Lauren Connolly: It’s a no brainer.

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