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Brian Jones Leadership Series

18/09/2016 By Lauren Connolly

Leadership Series

Brian Jones recently talked to La Fosse Associates about leadership. Currently Director of Atlantic Cedar, Brian has been CIO and CCO of some of the world’s largest companies, and recently lead a large-scale business transformation programme at Burberry. Along the way he has developed a management and leadership philosophy that we’ve shared in this series of videos:

Overview: What's in a Leader?





Task Management

Talent Attraction

Q&A: Taking Responsibility and Recognising Others Failures

Q&A: Key Areas of Leadership to Focus On

Q&A: How to Promote Loyalty

Q&A: Advice on Retaining Authenticity 

Q&A: Doing vs Planning



For more information on the training we provide for our management team, or for how to get in touch with Brian about his leadership philosophy, please get in touch:

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