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8 "Little" Interview Mistakes with Big Consequences

15/08/2017 By Lily Senior

We recently posted '5 of the Biggest Mistakes to Make in an Interview.'  We compiled 8 more common interview errors to avoid, and help you stand out from the competition.

Finetune your process so slip-ups don't stand between you and your ideal job.
Impress your interviewers, and don't: afraid to ask questions.
Be prepared and understand the job that you're interviewing for.  Interviewers want to be questioned, it shows you're paying attention and are engaged in the interview. Come to interviews prepped with a few thoughtful questions, and be ready to think on your feet. out.
For all the daydreamers out there, stay focused and alert to avoid any uncomfortable silences or a request to repeat, which is irritating for everyone.

3...badmouth people.
For a start, you never know who their friends are. Secondly, it’s really unprofessional and will raise a red flag that you could badmouth them too.

4...dress inappropriately.
It’s best to be on the safe side and over-dress, rather than under-dress.

5...forget your body language.
Sit up, lean slightly forward and don’t cross your arms. If you’re nervous and need something to do with your hands to stop them flailing around or shaking, hold a pen. overly rehearsed.
Parrot learn your answers and your interviewer will spot it a mile off. And, if they interrupt your flow, you will be caught off guard and panic. Keep it real, not contrived.

7...bring a drink with you.

It looks casual, has the potential to spill and is a distraction for both parties. Plus, you don’t want to make eye contact with your interviewer as you sip. That’s really awkward.

8...forget to follow up.
Don’t assume it’s your interviewer’s responsibility. Show some enthusiasm and initiative and follow up to thank them for their time. It’s a good look.

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