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5 Reasons Why Creating a Culture of Care is Good Business

30/06/2017 By Lily Senior

Top talent want more than just a good salary; culture & values should come first 

In the first of our series, we explain how we’ve seen recruitment transform over our 10-year journey and why today’s top talent put culture and values before a good salary.  

Simon La Fosse started La Fosse Associates 10 years ago to prove that treating people with care and respect wasn't just the right thing to do, but was a better way to do business. And while plenty has changed over the last decade, we continue to live by this simple set of deeply held values. 
Our vision is simple. We treat people well to attract and retain the top talent in our industry. And it isn’t just La Fosse practising a culture of care and respect. More and more organisations are shifting towards a values-led model, as people are looking for more than money in their career; they want a sense of purpose, and an employer with strong principles.  
1. Today’s top talent want to be trusted
They look for roles that offer career progression, with freedom and flexibility. They're entrepreneurial and ambitious, and want trust, respect and autonomy from their workplace.  

2. Today’s top talent want to have purpose
They want to be more than a ‘a cog in a massive machine’, as Forbes recently described. They look for roles that offer a real sense of purpose, where contribution is recognised, valued and rewarded. 
3. Today’s top talent today want to do good 
Many are becoming increasingly concerned with ethical operations, and in order to attract the best workers - organisations should implement responsible human and environmental practices. 
4. Today’s top talent will research your culture
Sites like Glassdoor give unprecedented insight into your workplace and are powerful influencers when it comes to accepting positions. Even the most competitive packages struggle to make up for poor reviews. 
5. Today’s top talent test the workplace waters
They have more of an appetite for testing the waters when it comes to the workplace. If you can create an environment that makes them feel like they’re more valuable than your profits - you’re more likely to make them want to stay. 

“It’s our people who drive our success, so we strive to maintain a healthy and happy culture, and create environments in which everyone can flourish.” - Richard Branson
Fostering a culture of care in your business has never been more important than now, with workers more empowered than ever before to choose the way they work. Our principle of treating people well has helped La Fosse enjoy growth and success over the last 10 years, including being voted by our staff as one of the Best Companies to Work For in the UK, for the 5th year in a row. 

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