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5 of the Biggest Mistakes to Make in an Interview

20/07/2017 By Lily Senior

Failing to prepare properly for an interview can be serious self-sabotage. Avoid these easy-to-make mistakes and master the art of wowing your next potential employer.

No matter the format, from formal interviews to informal chats - you know it's always best to be prepared.

So we put this list together to help you remember not to be:

1...fuzzy with your facts.

Take your textbook study skills and apply them to your CV. You might think you know what you’ve written, but it’s easy to stumble when you’re in the spotlight. Get a friend to give you a pop quiz to discover your iffy areas.

2...a minute late.

An obvious no-no, being late is a straight fail because it looks like you don’t care. Get to the area half an hour before and head to a cafe to calm your pre-interview nerves.

3...weirdly early.

Arrive an hour early and it looks like a) you don’t have anything else to do and b) you are poor at time management. Neither are a good look.

5...a know-nothing.

If you’re doing the bare minimum and skimming the company homepage, do you actually want this job? Do some digging in the news and on LinkedIn so you can ask some timely questions. It will make you look keen and help them picture you as part of the company.

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